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A new ankle; a new life

For more than a decade, Calleen has been in constant pain. But a new ankle replacement surgery has given Calleen her life back.

June 08, 2022
Calleen Marshall smiling.

One slip on the stairs was all it took. Calleen Marshall plummeted to the bottom of the staircase and landed on her ankle, causing a break that would impact her for more than a decade.

“I’ve been dragging my foot and in constant pain for more than 11 years,” Calleen said. “I haven’t been able to walk on unsteady surfaces, like grass or gravel or dirt or anything that slopes, so I’ve missed out on all the picnics and fun things done outside.”

Calleen’s fracture combined with developing age-related arthritis, amplifying her pain and limiting her quality of life. For several years her podiatrists at the Foot & Ankle Center of Cache Valley provided boots, wraps and other techniques to lessen the discomfort, but eventually Calleen’s ankle problem grew debilitating.

“One day I was in such pain and asked for another boot, but after imaging, one of my doctors, Dr. Daniel Huff, said boots and wraps wouldn’t help anymore. He explained that I was full of infection, arthritis and bone spurs,” Calleen said. “But he also gave me good news. He said I could get an ankle replacement – there was finally one good enough and available for me. When he said that, I froze. I was in a daze. Eleven and a half years of this, and suddenly I could get better?!”

Cache Valley Hospital: Now offering new ankle replacement technology

Dr. Riley Rampton, fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon at the Foot & Ankle Center of Cache Valley, spent significant time talking with Calleen about the innovative ankle replacement technology. His in-depth understanding of the system and the fact that Dr. Rampton has trained surgeons across the United States on proper placement of the device provided Calleen with great comfort and confidence.

Dr. Rampton performed Calleen’s total ankle replacement surgery at Cache Valley Hospital. She then spent a few days recovering at a rehabilitation center before going home.

“Through the evolution of medicine, this new, successful ankle replacement system can decrease pain and increase mobility for our patients. In fact, Cache Valley Hospital is one of the only places in the Mountain West approved to place the most successful and most studied ankle implant,” Dr. Rampton said.

Compassionate care: Walking the walk thanks to total ankle replacement

Calleen Marshall and Dr. Riley Rampton smiling together.

Calleen found it difficult to get herself up and to the Foot & Ankle Center for dressing changes after the surgery. Lucky for her, Dr. Rampton lives just minutes away and he volunteered to assist.

“He checked everything and wrapped me all back up. What doctor makes a house visit these days? No one does! But this man is extremely caring, and he worries about his patients,” Calleen said.

While acknowledging that home visits don’t happen regularly, Dr. Rampton says he strives to provide personalized care every day.

“Each patient is different, and we want to help them recover in the best way possible for them. Whether a person has a complicated foot deformity or arthritis, we can help them right here in Cache Valley,” Dr. Rampton said.

Getting back on the field: Calleen’s new ankle provides a new level of activity

It’s been three months since her total ankle replacement surgery, and Calleen is already taking big strides toward a more active life.

“I can actually walk! I can walk a circle and walk backward and forward — I haven’t been able to do that without tripping or stumbling for 11.5 years! I started going back to tai chi and am line dancing again! During the summer, I’ll get to go on picnics and go to ball games and watch my grandkids in their sports without worrying about falling on the bleachers. I will enjoy all the things I couldn’t do before,” Calleen said. “I’m so thankful total ankle replacements are available — and right here in Cache Valley!”

“Cache Valley Hospital is one of the only places in the Mountain West approved to place the most successful and most studied ankle implant.” — Dr. Riley Rampton

June 08, 2022
Cache Valley Hospital

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