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Take me to the Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital: Where I can access world-class cardiovascular care

Coming all the way from Florida, David received world-class cardiovascular care for his Atrial Fibrillation condition at the Heart Center at St. Mark's.

January 06, 2022
David Saraga poses with their acquaintance in sunglasses.

Call it coincidence, serendipity or fate. One year ago, David Saraga joined a heart study simply because he’d get a free Apple Watch. The study focused on using the smart watch to track heart health, including irregular rhythms that may suggest atrial fibrillation (AFib).

“I set up my watch to notify me and sure enough, I received a notification that said, ‘Last night you were in AFib,’ and it told me to find a cardiologist. I was thinking there had to be a mistake,” David said. “A month later, I received another notification that said the same thing. I didn’t feel anything either time or in between, but now I was concerned.”

AFib occurs when the heart beats irregularly, and often rapidly, as the heart’s upper chambers beat out of sync from the lower chambers. The abnormal pattern can create blood clots in the heart, which then may lead to heart failure or strokes. While some individuals feel AFib symptoms, like a fast heartrate, palpitations, fatigue or shortness of breath, others don’t experience any indications of the condition.

David, a resident of Daytona Beach, Florida, sought care from a local cardiologist. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a positive experience.

“I didn’t have any sense of what’s going on. I needed someone to say, ‘Here’s what is important and here’s what we’re going to do about it.’ Instead, I just got tests, tests and tests – but no communication and no connection,” David said. “Ultimately, I flunked a stress test which revealed the AFib… and the next month I found Dr. Day’s book, The AFib Cure.”

Exceptional care for my heart


Dr. John Day, a renowned and pioneering cardiologist specializing in the treatment of AFib and other abnormal heart conditions, provides care in The Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital.

“After listening to Dr. Day’s book, I learned everything I hadn’t heard from my local doctors. I decided to call and see if he could treat me. I never thought he’d actually be available, but when I called Salt Lake City they said, ‘Would you like to come in Wednesday?’ I was stunned that I could access this legendary and celebrated physician! Three weeks later, I flew to Utah to meet Dr. Day,” David said.

Within just a few minutes of meeting Dr. Day, David knew he was in the right place.

“I am one of many patients at the Heart Center, but the appointment felt so personal. Dr. Day listened, was responsive, and understood what I needed. That is so important,” David said.

It matters who and where: That’s why I chose the Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital

David flew back and forth between Florida and the Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital several times during the next few months as he prepared for and then underwent a medical procedure to treat his AFib called an ablation.

During the ablation, the cardiologist and team used hot and/or cold energy to form scarring on the inside of the heart. That newly formed scar tissue then blocked the abnormal electrical signals that caused irregular heartbeats and restored a normal rhythm.

“What I learned is that it matters a whole lot who does the procedure. The facility, the doctor, his team and his body of experience – all of that really matters,” David said. “Dr. Day and his team are sharp. They all look and act like 100 is what they score every day, and 100 is what they’ll score today with you. From beginning to end, I felt confident I was receiving the best care possible.”

Healed, humble and honored

At the time of writing this, it’s been 5 weeks since his ablation procedure, and David hasn’t experienced any further bouts of AFib. He says he feels physically great and emotionally grateful.

“I would go anywhere in the world to access Dr. Day, his staff and facility. I say ‘Take me to The Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital’ because you’ll have the most progressive, up-to-date care,” David said. “Dr. Day is the doctor who whispers in other doctors’ ears – he’s the one who presents at the conferences, he’s the one pioneering the way. It’s the very best medical care anywhere!”

For one day access to world-class cardiovascular care, call the Heart Center at St. Mark’s at (801) 266-3418.


January 06, 2022
St. Mark's Hospital

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