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Kenzee and Kylee Blackburn - Caregivers of Tomorrow

These identical twin sisters recently received a sponsorship to pursue their education as X-ray technicians at Weber State University.

April 03, 2024
Photo of Kenzee and Kylee Blackburn standing next to each other

Kenzee and Kylee Blackburn, are making waves – X-ray waves to be exact – at Lone Peak Hospital as part of the imaging services team. Identical twins with a shared passion for healthcare, Kenzee and Kylee recently received the Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship from MountainStar Healthcare to pursue their education as X-ray technicians at Weber State University.

A unique bond: identical sisters with shared interests

Originally from Price, Utah, the Blackburn sisters have much more in common than just their looks. Growing up, they had the same friend group, and still do!  “We always did the same sports. Volleyball, basketball, softball…the only one that she did that I didn’t do was cheer,” said Kylee. “We just like doing the same things!”

After moving to Wyoming for a short period, they eventually moved to Ogden to attend Weber State University. Kenzee always knew that she wanted to pursue radiology following health challenges she had as a child that required her to receive many X-rays and scans. After looking into Weber State’s program, Kylee also decided to pursue a career in radiology.

The Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship: A stepping stone to success

Receiving the Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship was a pivotal moment in Kenzee and Kylee's educational journey. This sponsorship offers up to full tuition and fees support at select academic programs throughout HCA Healthcare’s Mountain Division in Utah, Idaho, and Alaska. “James, the director of the imaging department, told me about the sponsorship program shortly after I was assigned to work here as part of my education,” said Kenzee. “I told Kylee about it and she decided to come work here so she could apply as well!”  

After sending in their applications, which include several letters of recommendations and their transcripts, Kenzee and Kylee both heard the great news that they had earned the sponsorships. With this support, they have been able to focus on their studies and clinical rotations, preparing them for successful careers as X-ray technicians.

Looking ahead: A bright future in radiology

With just one semester left in school, Both Kenzee and Kylee are eagerly anticipating their graduation this coming August. Kylee is hoping to pursue furthering her education in radiation therapy, while Kenzee recently applied to the mammography program.

With their impending graduation and valuable experience gained at Lone Peak Hospital, these sisters are well-equipped to make a lasting impact in the world of radiology. We look forward to witnessing their continued success and contributions to healthcare in the years to come.

In an effort to nurture the pipeline of healthcare professionals, MountainStar Healthcare is proud to offer the Caregivers of Tomorrow Sponsorship program for full- or part-time, benefits eligible current and future employees. To learn more, visit

April 03, 2024