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William Gordon

William experienced a significant increase in energy after a 90 minute ablation procedure at St. Mark's Hospital.

May 19, 2022
William Gordon smiling.

Take me to St. Marks Hospital for world-class cardiovascular

Fourteen years ago, William Gordon woke up in the middle of the night with a strange sensation. Instinctively, he put his fingers to his neck to check his pulse. This was the first, but not the last time, he’d feel a quivery, fluttery feeling that flooded his heart.

“I could feel my heart doing some strange rhythms, and it kind of scared me. I had never heard of AFib before and had no idea what it was,” William said.

Atrial fibrillation, often referred to as AFib, is the most common irregular heart rhythm. Often described as a rapid and chaotic heart rhythm, the condition can lead to blood clots in the heart and significantly increases a person’s risk of stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

While some individuals feel AFib symptoms, like a fast heartrate, palpitations, fatigue or shortness of breath, others don’t experience any indications of the condition. 

William’s AFib increased in intensity and frequency over the years. In 2008, he went to a local hospital to undergo a medical procedure called an ablation, hoping to treat the condition.

“I could tell immediately that the procedure was unsuccessful. I felt a bit depressed and thought, ‘What a waste of time.’ I realized I would just have to deal with having AFib,” William said.

William lived with AFib for an additional decade. Then, when facing what should be “golden” retirement years with his new wife, Holly, William felt a renewed determination to have renewed health.

Discovering world-class care right in your backyard

“My wife and I did our due diligence. We researched and sought for the best doctor out there – and we were willing to travel to another state if that’s what it took,” William said. “We were very pleased to discover that one of the best doctors in the entire nation is right here in Salt Lake City. So, we gave Dr. Day a call, and amazingly enough, we were able to schedule an appointment for just four days later!”

Dr. John Day, a cardiologist specializing in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm conditions, trained at John Hopkins University and completed his residency and fellowships at Stanford University before practicing at St. Mark’s Hospital – a hospital that sits just two miles from William’s home. 

“We wanted the very best surgeon for William. I think of it like hiring a mechanic – you want the right person for the repair … We did our research, and I can say everything we read about Dr. Day was true. He’s quite an exceptional human being!” said Holly Gordon, William’s wife.

A heart repair with care


After an initial meeting with Dr. Day, William scheduled another ablation procedure. This time, the procedure would take place in The Heart Center at St. Mark’s Hospital, and Dr. Day would use the latest technology and techniques.

During the ablation treatment, Dr. Day would use heat or cold energy to create tiny scars within William’s heart that would block the abnormal electrical signals and restore a normal rhythm.

“Everything was moving forward until a few days before the procedure, when Holly and I had a bunch of questions come up. We called the office, and they kindly rearranged the schedule so Dr. Day could meet with us,” William said. “How he responded spoke volumes. He was very patient with us and took time to thoroughly answer our questions. We could tell the whole team was generally interested in my well-being and the success of the procedure, which helped us feel very comfortable.”

Renewed energy, hope for the future

The actual ablation procedure took about 90 minutes. Then, Dr. Day and his team observed William closely for the next few hours before he and Holly went home.

“The difference between this procedure and the ablation I had done years before was like night and day! I walked out of that hospital thrilled at how successful it was. I knew we had picked the proper doctor and facility to get this done,” William said.

William says that since the procedure, he’s experienced a significant increase in energy as well as an added dose of positivity. In fact, the renewed vigor has inspired William and Holly to start planning vibrant vacations for their future. 

“Without a doubt, I feel much better! People say I don’t look so pale and washed out, and I have a lot more energy. Dr. Day said the total healing process may take 30 to 90 days. I’m only 7 days out, but I can tell a big difference!” William said.

For one day access to world-class cardiovascular care, call the Heart Center at St. Mark’s at (801) 266-3418.


May 19, 2022
St. Mark's Hospital

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