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Patient transfer center

With one call to our transfer center, open 24/7, physicians can seamlessly transfer patients to the nearest MountainStar facility for the medical care that best fits their needs.

MountainStar Patient Transfer Center

MountainStar Patient Transfer Center is a one-stop solution for patient-care providers to better meet patient care needs. Our knowledgeable support team coordinates transfers when patients need emergency care, urgent medical evaluation, or admission to any MountainStar hospital in Utah. We are here to help; quickly, efficiently and around the clock, every day of the year.

If you are a patient or family member wanting a transfer to a MountainStar facility, please provide this information to your doctor.

Emergency Transfer or Direct Admission - (866) 296-9337

Local Transfer Center Number - (801) 212-5949

Transfer Services

  • ED to ED or Inpatient
  • Inpatient to Inpatient
  • Clinic to ED or Inpatient

Hospital Services


  • Single access point for all patient transfers by calling one phone number
  • Responsive and experienced RN staff will answer your calls
  • Predictable and efficient patient transfers
  • Patients transferred to hospitals capable of providing the appropriate level of care
  • Efficient delivery of pertinent clinical documentation
  • Access to inpatient services when the need is unexpected and urgent
  • Improvements to the continuum of care and physician-patient relationships
  • Enhanced communication between physicians and other caregivers
  • Timely follow-up regarding patient disposition for referring providers

Please provide:

  • Your name, call-back number
  • Patient Information:
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Location (facility name, unit/room#)
    • Diagnosis
    • Type of care needed
  • Referring provider name, call-back number
  • Preferred receiving facility
  • Preferred method of transport

What we will do:

  • Facilitate your calls, make arrangements for your patient and assist with transfer planning.
  • Coordinate physician-to-physician communication; facilitating patient acceptance
  • Make arrangements for appropriate bed assignments
  • Communicate special-care and/or emergent needs
  • Write admission order; Gather and send demographics and other pertinent documents to accepting facility
  • Provide guidance regarding transfer preparation
  • Coordinate appropriate transportation
  • Update referring and receiving staff
  • Provide contact number for nursing report
  • Promote admitting physician follow-up with referring

Please send to receiving facility, with patient:

  • Copy of pertinent documents such as physician and nursing records, medication record, diagnostic images, slides, etc.
  • Call nursing report to receiving unit