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Meet the members of our leadership team who are committed to ensuring our patients have a safe, positive experience at our facility.

Brigham City Community Hospital's Board of Trustees live in and are committed to our community. The Board includes civic leaders, physicians, educators, and local business leaders. The Board contributes to the hospital in the following ways:

  1. Enhances the role and purpose of the hospital
  2. Ensures we maintain quality patient care
  3. Provides for hospital and management planning
  4. Oversees credentialing of all providers
  5. Ensures we are responsive to the needs of the community

Board of Trustees

  • Bob Thurgood, Chair of the Board of Trustees and Retired Businessman
  • Nancy Kennedy, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees; Board of Education in Box Elder School District
  • Dr. Marcus Buchanan, MD, Pediatrician, Brigham/Farr West Pediatrics
  • Bryce Day, Administrator, Granite School District
  • Dr. Joel Gardner, MD, Anesthesiologist, Brigham City Community Hospital
  • Jeff Hadfield, Financial Planner & Box Elder County Commissioner
  • Becca Ferry, Owner of Ferry’s Pumpkin Patch
  • Bob Davis, Retired Businessman
  • Dr. Martin Oates, MD, Hospitalist & President of the Medical Staff at Brigham City Community Hospital
  • Richard Spuhler, CEO of Brigham City Community Hospital