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Orthopedic care

Orthopedists are doctors who take care of the entire musculoskeletal system. They diagnose and treat conditions such sprains, strains, broken bones, arthritis and osteoporosis. Some of the treatments they offer include recommending lifestyle changes, applying casts and performing surgeries, such as ligament repairs or total joint replacements.

Orthopedic and spine specialists in Bountiful, Utah

Lakeview Hospital offers a comprehensive orthopedic care program in the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area.

Here, we combine advanced technology, a highly specialized staff and innovative treatments to deliver the expert care you deserve. If you need spine or orthopedic surgery, we use minimally invasive surgical technology whenever possible to help you get back to your daily routine quickly.

Expert advice, available 24/7

Free medical information is just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

Free medical information is just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

Healthgrades Joint Replacement Excellence Award

Lakeview Hospital is the only hospital in Utah to be recognized by Healthgrades as one of America's 100 Best Hospitals for Joint Replacement for six consecutive years (2013-2018). We have also received the Healthgrades Joint Replacement Excellence Award for seven consecutive years (2013-2019).

Board-certified orthopedic doctors and nurses

We offer physicians who are board certified in orthopedics, neurosurgery and spine surgery. Additionally, our orthopedic nurses are certified by the Orthopedic Nurses Certification Board. This means our orthopedic staff is highly trained to care specifically for orthopedic patients.

Comprehensive orthopedic services

We provide a variety of orthopedic treatments and services, including:

Back and spine care

Our orthopedic specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your neck, back and spine. We understand that pain in these areas can interfere with your everyday life, which is why our physicians collaborate to promptly diagnose your condition and determine an effective back pain treatment. We offer a range of treatments, including lumbar decompression, spinal fusion, discectomy and laminectomy.

Lakeview Hospital is now the second hospital in Utah and the first in Davis County to introduce robotic spine surgery for spinal fusions. Robot-assisted spine surgery improves accuracy and optimizes patient care by using both robotics and navigation. The robotic interface precisely identifies anatomical structures with a high level of accuracy, assisting surgeons in placing spinal implants with exactness and offers many benefits over traditional surgery. Using robotic technology:

  • Improves screw placement
  • Reduces radiation exposure inherent to conventional minimally invasive procedures
  • Increases efficiency, allowing for reduced time in the operating room

The combination of precision navigation and robotic guidance provides a 3D view allowing surgeons a detailed overview when placing spinal bone screws. The robot’s accuracy during spinal screw placement is particularly effective in treating:

  • Traumatic spinal injuries, such as injuries caused by a car accident, fall, or sport injuries
  • Spinal Instability
    • Scoliosis, or a curvature of the spine
    • Spondylolisthesis, vertebrae slipping out of place

Hand and upper extremity care

The hands and arms are complex structures with various bones, muscles, tendons and nerves working together to allow full function and range of motion. An injury, disorder or disease of the hand or arm, however, can cause pain and limit your abilities.

Our orthopedic doctors are experts at treating hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder conditions, and we provide comprehensive hand and upper extremity care. Some of our treatments include minimally invasive carpal tunnel surgery, hand surgery and impingement syndrome treatment.

Joint care

Diseases, disorders and injuries to a joint, such as the hip, can cause pain and limit your mobility. When this happens, our joint specialists use advanced technology and treatments—including nonsurgical treatments and minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures—to provide effective joint care.

Joint replacement surgery

In some cases, the best way to restore health to a severely damaged joint is through joint replacement surgery. This procedure involves replacing the damaged joint with a prosthetic implant (artificial joint).

Our joint replacement specialists perform:

Robot-assisted hip and knee replacements

Robotic surgery is an innovative solution for people with painful degeneration of the hip and knee joints. Using this surgical technology, our specially trained orthopedic surgeons operate with extreme precision and intraoperative guidance. This type of joint replacement provides a precise-fitting implant, resulting in a more natural-feeling hip or knee.

Participation in Medicare's Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) program

Lakeview Hospital participates in Medicare’s Comprehensive CJR program, which promotes high-quality, cost-efficient, and better coordinated care for patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. Lakeview Hospital is working closely with its physicians and post-acute care providers to improve quality and coordinate care from initial hospitalization through recovery. The CJR program permits facilities to enter into financial gainsharing relationships with its collaborators to share in the success of the program.

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Our Orthopedic care Locations

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Lakeview Hospital
630 Medical Dr
Bountiful, UT 84010
 (801) 299 - 2200

Currently Viewing:

Lakeview Hospital
630 Medical Dr
Bountiful, UT 84010
 (801) 299 - 2200
St. Mark's Hospital
1200 E 3900 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
 (801) 268 - 7111

13.8 miles

Ogden Regional Medical Center
5475 S 500 E
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