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Labor and delivery

Just as every baby is unique, so is every delivery. As your trusted care partner, we work to provide a personalized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

Maternity services in Orem, Utah

Our maternity doctors and care team do everything they can to provide the personalized birthing experience you deserve before, during and after labor and delivery.

The Women’s Center at Timpanogos Regional Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive maternal-fetal care in Promo-Orem metropolitan area.

Expert advice, available 24/7

Free medical information is just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

Free medical information is just a phone call away. Our nurses help you understand your symptoms, treatment options and procedures. They will also help you find a provider or specialist and schedule an appointment.

Related specialties

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Prenatal care

Through our prenatal care program, we help you and your baby stay healthy during pregnancy as well as help you prepare for your little one's arrival. As part of that program, we provide access to a range of providers to suit your preferences, including board-certified obstetricians (OBs) and certified nurse midwives. (You may be interested in midwifery services if you desire a more natural labor and delivery experience. However, midwives can also accommodate other childbirth options.)

Maternity classes and tours

Our Women’s Center team wants to help you and your family prepare for your new baby. To do that, we offer a variety of family education and maternity classes, including a breastfeeding class and the "Enjoying Your Birth Experience" class. We also invite you to schedule a tour of our Women’s Center so you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings.

To view our maternity classes, please visit our online calendar and register online.

To schedule a tour of the Women's Center, please call (801) 714-6025.

High-risk pregnancy care

For some women, preexisting health conditions, such as high blood pressure or asthma, make their pregnancies "high risk" from the moment of conception. For others, unexpected high-risk conditions, such as preterm birth or gestational diabetes, can arise during pregnancy. That's why our maternal-fetal medicine team offers comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care.

Every appointment, test or question allows us to give you honest, clear information about your pregnancy that empowers you medically and emotionally. Our specialists are also available for early consultation if pre-labor complications are expected.

To schedule a consultation with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, please call (866) 887-3999.

Our birthing center

Our Women’s Center is newly refurbished to make your maternity stay as comfortable as possible. Our talented team of OBGYNs, nurse midwives, nurses and support staff provide you and your baby with high quality care in a secure environment.

For your convenience, you may preregister online for your maternity stay. Registering in advance can save you time on the big day.

Labor and delivery

At our Women's Center, our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and family-centered labor and delivery experience. To do that, our labor and delivery unit features:

  • OBGYN on-site 24/7 for any emergencies until your provider arrives
  • 24/7 visiting hours in the labor and delivery unit
  • Birthing suites equipped for a number of labor and birthing options, including rooms with whirlpool tubs
  • Comfortable accommodations for your support person, including meals during labor, so they never have to leave your side
  • Accommodations for your support person in the operating room, in the case of a planned or unplanned C-section
  • Slushies (which taste better than plain ice during labor) available for you and your family
  • Free Wi-Fi, cable television, and new-release movie channels

Personalized labor and delivery amenities

We offer customizable maternity amenities, so you can create the memory of a lifetime. These offerings include:

Family-centered amenities

  • Flexible visiting hours
  • In-room accommodations for support person

Childbirth methods

  • C-section
  • Medicated birth, such as with an epidural
  • Natural birth
  • Vaginal birth
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)

Pain relief methods

  • Breathing techniques
  • Cold therapy
  • Distraction
  • Hot therapy
  • IV pain control
  • Meditation
  • Standard epidural

Labor and delivery options

  • Doulas welcome
  • Filming and photography welcome
  • Lighting preferences
  • Music welcome
  • Skin-to-skin contact (even after C-section)
  • Umbilical cord cutting

Infant care amenities and options

  • Advanced infant security
  • Baby can room-in or sleep in the nursery
  • Formula welcome
  • Lactation support available
  • Pacifiers welcome

In-room amenities

  • Breast pump
  • Celebratory meal
  • Gifts

Other resources

  • Adoption support
  • Surrogacy support

Neonatal intensive care

Should your baby need extra monitoring after delivery, our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed 24/7 with a highly specialized neonatal team. As a Level III NICU, our neonatal team has the resources, expertise and equipment to provide advanced care for premature and ill newborns who need additional support after birth.

We also provide live webcam access while your baby is in the NICU. This allows you to conveniently and securely see your infant from any smartphone, tablet or computer 24/7.

Postpartum care

After you give birth, we continue to provide personalized postpartum care and support to you and your baby. We also provide several services and amenities during your postpartum stay, including:

  • Skin-to-skin contact prioritized immediately following birth and throughout your hospital stay
  • Private and spacious postpartum suites that provide accommodations for your partner and plenty of room for your baby to stay with you
  • Breastfeeding support from certified lactation consultants
  • Locked-down unit with infant security system to protect your baby throughout your hospital stay
  • New baby nursery for those times you need to care for yourself or get a little sleep
  • New mother’s celebration feast and special gifts for you and your baby
  • Custom flavored soda options

Breast milk donation

Sometimes, premature babies (also called preemies), like those in our Level III NICU, depend on donated breast milk to thrive when their mother's milk is not available. As a regional breast milk donation center, we accept breast milk donations from women who have saved breast milk or are currently breastfeeding.

Why donate breast milk?

Feeding preemies breast milk is the gold standard of care. Breast milk has many benefits, including reducing the risk of infections. One ounce of your breast milk can feed a micro preemie for an entire day—literally saving their life.

Do I qualify to donate breast milk?

Taking care of your baby is your first priority. Once you have established your milk supply and your own baby's needs, becoming a donor may be an option for you. You may be able to donate your extra breast milk if the following apply to you:

  • You are in generally good health.
  • You are a non-smoker.
  • You are taking no medications on a regular basis.

How do I become a donor?

  • Call (801) 714-6605 for a referral to the milk bank.
  • Trained lactation consultants will do a short phone pre-screening.
  • You will be sent a comprehensive screening form to fill out and send back.
  • Next, a lactation consultant will call you to set up a blood test at Timpanogos Regional Hospital, at no cost to you.
  • Once you sign the donor consent form and your doctor signs the medical release form, you are ready to donate milk.
  • You will be provided with containers to store your milk.
  • You then drop off your milk at our hospital.

What happens after breast milk is donated?

  • The milk is received and stored in large freezers maintained at -20 C or colder.
  • The milk is pooled together into large flasks and then poured into sanitized glass bottled.
  • The bottles are placed in a pasteurizer, brought to 62.5 C, and pasteurized for 30 minutes.
  • The bottles are cooled immediately, labeled and placed in freezers.
  • A small sample of the milk is analyzed to assess fats, proteins and lactose.
  • A sample from each batch is sent to the lab to be tested for any bacterial growth.
  • Once approved, the milk is sent coast to coast to babies in hospitals and homes.

Safe Haven

If you have thoughts of abandoning your newborn, give up custody anonymously at a Utah Newborn Safe Haven like ours, Utah Newborn Safe Haven is here to help.

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